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More than a brand

2WISHES is a lifestyle brand inspired by 90’s colors founded by Somti Anya based out of New Jersey. Lifestyle is a category that 2WISHES encompasses by using colors and driving our mission “Stars Always Shine”. Everyone has a wish and sometimes they let outside factors dim their beautiful light inside of them. We are using our clothing to inspire and penetrate the market with clothing the world has never seen before. 

2WISHES pulls inspiration from individuals that shined through dark times. Everyone has demons but the real beauty is using those demons to strive for better times.  

More than a brand  

Our clothing is very unique and different from brands that the world is accustomed to. Our brand will have you shining and feel that you can chase your wish no matter the circumstances. 2WISHES clothing is very refreshing and stands for the people. Stars Always Shine no matter the challenges they face. Help us spread our message by investing in our brand, you can help by buying our unique clothing and spreading our message “Stars Always Shine”.  

2WISHES strives to bring people together through fashion and entertainment and help each individual shine using our clothing and driving our message. Our CEO Somti Anya overcame a lot and he is always responding to customers daily. If you ever have questions on clothing or how to overcome adversity contact us at ( We plan on touching the hearts of many but that starts with you believing in our brand.

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